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Assign your Flex Entries to the prize draw (or draws) you like best. Load all your Entries into a single draw or spread them around – it's up to you!

Click on a prize draw below and select the number of Entries you’d like to add.

Visit that exotic location you’ve always dreamed about! Celebrate your week in the sun by relaxing on a warm, sandy beach or immersing yourself in your favourite cuisine and culture.

Dream Vacation

This promotion has some serious wheels! Here's your chance to cruise in style and make every excursion another opportunity to turn heads.


Everyone could use some extra cold, hard cash. Spend it on yourself or be good to everyone else. Whatever you do with the money, it's yours for the spending!

$10,000 Cash

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You can also add and remove Flex Entries as many times as you like.

Remember, this contest is for demonstration purposes only.
No actual prizes available to be won.